Drive Sober

Jason and I always have a rule. Drive sober! When we are both going to be dining out we have a very strict rule that one of us will always be sober no matter what, or we will stay put!

Now I can’t prove this person was drunk, or under the influence, but I can tell you that on our way home on Thanksgiving a car was driving on our side of the four lane highway near our house. Luckily they were driving in the “left hand side” and we were driving in the “right hand side” but it easily could have been disastrous.
Maybe they were from out of town and not familiar with the area, but I am thankful to be home tonight and off the road!
On a lighter note- I had a very amazing time with my family and friends this Thanksgiving Holiday! We went over to Jason’s uncles house and while there I took a quick side trip to visit a friend at her home nearby. It was absolutely wonderful!
We then went to my parents for dinner with my siblings and their families, and some extended family as well.
My belly is very full and I am pretty sure I am going to birth a turkey any moment, but I am thankful for my health, home and my family! Good cheers!

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