My Poor Baby!

My poor baby Kirra got sick today! I got all the way into work and then BAM – Tally called, she had been puking, and had diarrhea pretty bad, so I had to go back and get her. Poor thing!

I got a lot done today though, including cleaning out my car (because i’m going to be getting a new one in a few weeks!!!) cleaning out the pool, and cleaning up the house! Its so nice to have a spectacularly clean house!

Kirra took a 5 hour nap so she was definitely ill today! Poor thing! I took advantage and cleaned, and still got in a 2 hour nap myself! Woo Hoo! We just got back from Target and will now be eating dinner.

Need Prayers

Talked to my brother today, and he said, “Did you hear about Grandma”, and I instantly held my breath… “no” I proceeded…. well… I guess… my parents went and got her from her house, and she is living at my parents, because she is short of breath, and having very labored breathing. I guess she’s been going downhill the past week or so, but it peaked today.

My mom is going to bring her to the doctor tomorrow at 2pm. Hopefully she can go back to my parents. That’s what i’m praying for. The doctor however mentioned to my mom she could be having heart failure, which I guess isn’t totally surprising given her age.

I know she’s 94 years old. I’ve known her for the past 30 years, and my daughter has gotten to know her as well. For me personally, i’m not ready to say goodbye if this is it. I keep going thru my head right now thinking – I should have visited more, – i should have called more… but it is what it is right now, and I just need to visit her as much as possible now before its too late.

If its Gods will to take her, I surrender her to him. He knows best, and has a divine plan for her i’m sure. But if its not yet her time, I pray that he can do everything in his power to make her well again.

I had a FT job meeting tonight ( I feel like i’ve been working ALL THE TIME!) and Kirra went to Alisa’s house to go swimming with Aiden. (Photos are on shutterfly). It looks like they had a total blast! I think I should retire to bed now. I’m just tired…

Happy 4th of July!

So I woke up this morning at 3am to get ready for the half marathon and had to be down in Minneapolis at 4am. Got the course set up, and back to my vehicle to get ready for the start of the race. It started to rain so hard it looked like a monsoon!

Finished up and loaded MORE water into the truck again! These boxes have 4 gallon jugs of water, so they’re each 32 pounds, and we had 120 boxes to move. Thats over 3,200 pounds I moved!!! So my arms are JUST about dead.

Got home all sweaty and made a taco dip and then we headed off to Uncle Joes to go swimming and water-skiing. It was so much fun. I took off – off the dock,and then dropped a ski and LOVED IT! Kirra even jumped off into the middle of the lake, but wasn’t really digging the deep lake swimming!

After a wonderful pot-luck dinner we went over to Frank and Theo’s to watch a few back-yard fireworks and see everyone. All in all it was a great 4th. I’ve got to work tomorrow though so I should head to bed right now!

Hot Hot Hot!

Today is HOT HOT HOT!!! Woke up about 9am, and got so much done! Got my oil changed.. antifreeze in my car, and fixed my air conditioning. Then Jason, Kirra and I went to Target for a few groceries and new fans.

This afternoon I went down to the Start/Finish area of the half marathon to help set up. I got the mile markers ready, and helped load up the Aid Station trucks. Tonight I have to go pick up Heidi’s Durango, because she is THE BEST and letting me borrow it for one of the official race vehicles.

Tonight we’re grilling pork chops on the grill and getting caught up with some of me and Jason’s favorite shows. I have to go to bed super early because tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 3:00am to be on the course by 4AM setting up the mile markers, marking direction arrows,  and making sure everything is in place!

God gave me you!

Its been so hard with Jason working so much lately! Thursday I was having an awful day. Work was insanely busy, then I thought I had an awful virus, and at the end of it all, I ended up hitting a concrete pole with Jason’s truck and gave it a boo-boo. I called Jason crying on a voicemail, and when he came home with him, he had a bottle of wine, and a frappuccino maker for being a great mom! This song reminds me so much that Jason is so awesome. I’m so lucky to have him in my life!