Hot Hot Hot!

Today is HOT HOT HOT!!! Woke up about 9am, and got so much done! Got my oil changed.. antifreeze in my car, and fixed my air conditioning. Then Jason, Kirra and I went to Target for a few groceries and new fans.

This afternoon I went down to the Start/Finish area of the half marathon to help set up. I got the mile markers ready, and helped load up the Aid Station trucks. Tonight I have to go pick up Heidi’s Durango, because she is THE BEST and letting me borrow it for one of the official race vehicles.

Tonight we’re grilling pork chops on the grill and getting caught up with some of me and Jason’s favorite shows. I have to go to bed super early because tomorrow morning I’ll be up at 3:00am to be on the course by 4AM setting up the mile markers, marking direction arrows,  and making sure everything is in place!

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