Need Prayers

Talked to my brother today, and he said, “Did you hear about Grandma”, and I instantly held my breath… “no” I proceeded…. well… I guess… my parents went and got her from her house, and she is living at my parents, because she is short of breath, and having very labored breathing. I guess she’s been going downhill the past week or so, but it peaked today.

My mom is going to bring her to the doctor tomorrow at 2pm. Hopefully she can go back to my parents. That’s what i’m praying for. The doctor however mentioned to my mom she could be having heart failure, which I guess isn’t totally surprising given her age.

I know she’s 94 years old. I’ve known her for the past 30 years, and my daughter has gotten to know her as well. For me personally, i’m not ready to say goodbye if this is it. I keep going thru my head right now thinking – I should have visited more, – i should have called more… but it is what it is right now, and I just need to visit her as much as possible now before its too late.

If its Gods will to take her, I surrender her to him. He knows best, and has a divine plan for her i’m sure. But if its not yet her time, I pray that he can do everything in his power to make her well again.

I had a FT job meeting tonight ( I feel like i’ve been working ALL THE TIME!) and Kirra went to Alisa’s house to go swimming with Aiden. (Photos are on shutterfly). It looks like they had a total blast! I think I should retire to bed now. I’m just tired…

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