Clean-Up on Aisle 3

What a fun weekend we’ve had so far. I had Friday off since we put on the half marathon over the 4th of July, so I went golfing with my parents, and my brother-in-law Brian. We did a par 3 course of 9 holes, and I ended up with a 63. Pretty good hu? That’s only 36 over par!!! I’m so good that I get to go on the PGA tour this next year….I still had fun, and Brian gave me some pointers… so I will have to get out again sometime soon so that I can get better and practice what he taught.

Friday night we celebrated Brian’s 40th birthday, with a surprise party for him! It was tons of fun! Missy ordered these HUGE kabobs,which were out of this world!!! The kids got hot dogs, which Kirra didn’t want to eat… so I asked her what she DID want to eat, and she said deer….so I cut up the hot dog and told her it was deer, and she ate it all up! So she got some nummy cake from Grandma’s Bakery!
Today, Jason and I cleaned our garage out, and I’m happy to say that for the first time… since we’ve started dating…. we’ve parked one of our cars in a garage. I’m so happy!!! I was mostly just nervous to get any hail damage on my car from all of these recent storms we’ve been having, plus i really wanted to be able to park in the garage this winter so I don’t have to dust off my car. I’m also really excited about if/when it rains out, I won’t even care now, or have to delay my ‘fun’ because i don’t want to get wet!! Ah the little things in life.
After our garage cleaning expedition, we went to Bunker Beach water park. It was lots of fun. We went there with my whole family too! Kirra loved the smaller pool that was her size, and the lazy river…. and the wave pool…. that is… until I went out too deep with her and got knocked over by a wave. She still came up smiling, (even tho i nearly had a heart attack), but she had swallowed too much water, so we went back to the zero entry pool! (which she was devastated about when we had to leave). I got on every water slide, and went in every pool. It was definitely fun.
After Bunker Beach we had to run to Menards to get a garage door opener, because Yee Haw, I can park in the garage… well because I’m stupid, I just left Kirra in her swim suit, and put a cover up on her, with her cloth swim diaper… well she was walking on the shelving that is low to the ground, when all the sudden water started gushing between her legs…then Jason was like OMG, she’s peeing… so I tried to pick her up, but then she was peeing on me… so I set her back down, and i thought she was done, but no… more pee…. i looked in my purse for something to wipe it up, but i had nothing… it was so embarrassing… we just left as fast as we could…. (I know we’re horrible) Got to my car and immediately put a diaper on her!

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