Perfect Race

What a super great weekend! Friday Jason, Kirra, Frank,Theo & myself went out to Joe’s Crab Shack which sure was a TON of fun!!! I got the big daddy crab bowl, and next time i’ll get just the king crab which was absolutely my favorite! It was all good though. Kirra had tons of fun as well.

Saturday I woke up really early and went out to Lake Minnetonka to pick up my stuff for the race, and then Kirra and I went to the Farmers Market and stocked up. Kirra just LOVES the market. Its kind of becoming our little tradition,that I hope that we can continue thru her childhood as something -we- do.

Then I went to Diane’s wedding shower. It was so great to see all of the aunties,and cousins. Last night we had Diane’s bachelorette party. We went to Sara’s to have spaghetti dinner which was super nummy. She also had this really good slushie deal from Tastefully Simple. I’ll have to get some.

I set about 15 alarms so I could make sure I would wake up for the half marathon today. We all got out of the house ok, and I had an ice cream cone before the race. My tummy was very nervous,so I could barely eat anything.

Got a parking spot, and met up with John & Judy. Amazingly I found my parents, and my auntie too! We got going, and found our comfortable pace. We just kept at that pace the whole time. Judy was helping me pass people left and right. She would go around someone (who I was content to just stay behind) and she would just pass them, so we picked them off one by one, and I think only 2 people passed us the whole race. It felt AWESOME to pass people! I saw my auntie at Mile 4.5, and handed off my arms (these arm warmers I wore so I didn’t have to wear a long sleeve shirt or jacket) Then I got to mile 7.5 and saw my mom and dad, so that was super great too! My mom wasn’t expecting me so fast, but she got her picture in. I can’t wait to see them. I’ll add them.

Oh how I wanted to drop the pace and run slower, but Judy kept me going strong! Pretty soon 8 became 9 and 9-10, and before I knew it we were at mile 12 with one mile to go. We ran up a HUGE hill at the end, which had an equally big downhill which made me run fast, and look really awesome at the end! It was rad!

So we finished officially in 2:21:29. My PR!!! So I was super happy about that. I couldn’t have done it without Judy. Took a long nap today and stretched a lot. Will be stretching a lot this week. Thanks to everyone for the good luck wishes,they worked!!!

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