Camping Fun!

Well we just got back from camping and MAN did we have a great time! Thursday Jason didn’t get off until much later so we left around 8pm, and didn’t get up to camp until around 10pm. I’m so glad that we practiced setting up our tent beforehand so that we knew how to set it up. Everyone showed up with flashlights, and helped us set up!

Friday we just hung around camp, and took a trip into Sauk Center for some supplies. We later went down to the beach to go swimming. Kirra loved swimming in the water, and tossing rocks and watching them go ker-plunk. For dinner we had an easy one with Lloyds pulled beef sammies.

Saturday Kirra and I went swimming yet again, and later on I went fishing with Jason and Cash. It was fun. Jason caught a 14″ walleye, and I caught a ridiculously small perch. We had to have Kirra nap really early because it was so hot by mid-day in our tent. Jason cooked us up some hamburgers on the grill.

Sunday was the day of hiking! I went hiking with Dawn, Pam, Chloe, Tyler and Kirra on a really nice loop. Well once we got back we were going to go on another trek, but Pam and Dawn wanted to take a break, so I took Kirra and Tyler with me, and Amy, Logan, and Kaylee joined us on the second trek. Well we got a little lost, and it was some serious hiking up some serious hills. I definitely got my workout in! We got back and Jason, Frank, Cash and I went fishing again. We were out walleye fishing again, and Frank caught two small sunnies in 25′ of water, and I caught a clam? It was very odd….. No Walleye. While we were out fishing, Theo fed Kirra, and they had lots of fun playing around. When we got back to camp we didn’t even eat ‘real’ dinner, but I did end up plating up some cold tuna salad. We went on a midnight hike with everyone down the road and that was tons of fun also. Immediately after we got back I went to the tent with Tyler and crashed!

Today we got up and had breakfast, and broke down camp, and headed back home. It was a great trip, but I’m glad to have my own bed back! Back to work tomorrow!


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