More Doctor Stuff

Well, today we went back to the U of M for Kirra’s cough to see Dr. Laguna. We decided our next steps are to take another chest x-ray, draw blood for a complete blood count, and allergies to mold, milk, and an allergy detective antigen (so if she is allergic to anything this will come back positive) and a Barium Swallow Upper GI x-ray (study).

So, today we did the chest x-ray and the blood draw. The lab tech got her vain, but had to fish around a little bit. She had a helper with a bunch of toys for Kirra to distract her. At one point we turned on this disco ball that light up and spun around on a wand and we shut off all the lights, Kirra probably thought we were on a space ship or something!

The x-ray was really easy to do, and Kirra did great on that! Our Barium swallow is for next Wednesday afternoon.

Dr. Laguna called us back about 2pm and told us the blood work for the Complete Blood Count came back and was just fine. The x-ray didn’t show any illness but did show inflammation in her lower lungs. SO Dr. Laguna did want us to go on Prednisone for 5 days. Its liquid by mouth twice a day. Hopefully it doesn’t turn our angel into a monster or disrupt her too much. Dr. Laguna didn’t think it would since she’s not going to be on it for very long, but did assure us that it does a very good job of getting rid of ANY inflammation in the body. Basically she’ll definitely stop coughing. (if her coughing is a result of inflammation). Which… would kind of point signs towards asthma….

We’ve been giving Kirra lots of Albuterol (ProAir) lately and that seems to be helping her out. Since we’re going on the Prednisone we don’t have to take the Flovent steroid anymore. We are supposed to stay on Prevacid though.

I guess we’ll know more after Wednesday.

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