Hopeful for tomorrow…

Well tomorrow we’re going back to the U of M for more tests. Kirra is done taking the Prednisone, and didn’t turn into “too much” of a monster. No actually she was just fine. We can’t tell if the Prednisone even worked or not since Kirra has a cold on top of everything else. She is still coughing, but it seems to be less… and Tally hasn’t had to give her the rescue inhaler lately, and neither have we. So I suppose it helped whatever the inflammation in her lungs was… I just hope she gets over this cold soon!

Tomorrow she has the Barium Swallow study on x-ray to see the structure of her airways, and her upper digestive system. I think this will also reveal if she does have reflux, but I’m not sure.

We’re also supposed to get the allergy tests back tomorrow as well. My friend told me about how her daughter has enlarged adneoids and that’s why she’s been coughing for 5 months straight, so if we don’t learn anything new tomorrow, I think that will be our next step. Our appointment is at 1:00pm, so I will post more information tomorrow night.

I hope you like the new blog…..

Kirra has been so fun lately, trying new things, and loves to help me in the kitchen.

She’s also got a few friends from our mom’s group. Above is a picture of Kirra and Aiden.

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