First Time away.

So right now I am down in Atlanta Georgia. I’ve been here since yesterday morning (thursday 3/27) and I leave Sunday morning 3/30. I miss Kirra like crazy! This is the first time I have left her for more than 10 hours during the day! She hasn’t had a baby sitter yet, because Jason takes care of her. They are going on a family outing tomorrow, and I am not there to be with them. I am so excited to be home to Jason and Kirra although I am having a good time while I am here. It’s just hard. Any of you mom’s out there could agree! Jason told me that last night Kirra was sucking her thumb. Not her whole hand like usual her whole thumb. I just thought that was sooo cute, and I missed that moment. I will obviously miss so many more moments, but it is definitely hard. They are going to pick me up from the airport on Sunday and I cannot wait! I don’t know how my friends that are still in the navy can leave their babies for more than 96 hours. It’s just so hard!!!

Until next time… be well.

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