14 days or less!!!

Well I will probably start blogging more often about my feelings etc. It seems like this 38 weeks have gone by so fast! Four more days and I find out when the C-Section will be!

Yesterday I felt really uncomfortable on my way home from work. The baby was actually hurting me! If these were Brax Hix contractions, I am in a world of hurt if I actually go into labor. However I can’t even be sure that it was contractions, because it wasn’t something that I could time, it was just painful the whole time. My back, and my ribs were hurting to the point of tears! I think she was nuzzling her head up in my ribs or doing something, either way it was not cozy for momma.

Perhaps the doctor can scan me again on Tuesday and see if our stubborn baby has decided to do gymnastics and turn herself. (Not counting on it (the fact that she flipped), but it’s a good thought!) Regardless, she (the doc) said before she does the spinal block on C-Section day she will scan me to make sure she (the baby) hasn’t gone to a head-down position, so that’s good at least.

I am a bit nervous for the surgury. I’m a little scared about the spinal block, only because that has to be a really weird feeling, of loosing all of your feeling; waist down! Also because I have read that shorter people can sometimes have the numbing agent come up to high, and make them short of breath. I’m sure the doctors, and anesthesiologist will be there, and help me out if a problem should arise.

The actual surgury I know will be fine, because I will not feel anything. But the idea of having my arms straped down sounds a bit terrifying, so I am going to ask my doctor on Tuesday if I can leave my arms free, or at least one of them. Jason will be there the whole time, so that is definitely re-assuring.

And I am scared for when the numbing agent wears off. Am I going to want to die? Is it going to be the worst pain of my life? I am sad I won’t be able to move around freely during her first few days/weeks of life, but Jason is taking off work to help out, so that is definitely a bonus on my side, plus it will help him to bond with her a little more quickly.

Sometimes we turn on the baby swing, and Tyler gets all nervous about what it is. It’s cute to watch him, especially if he gets too close, and the chair hits him, he gets kind of spooked. But then we shut it off, and he just sniffs it. I think he will be really good with the baby.. (until she starts crying!)

I’m nervous, scared, and beyond excited all at the same time!

What a great feeling!!!

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