Eat your heart out diet

I had found this cleanse/diet on Pinterest several weeks ago, and I thought – It sounded so crazy that I had to try it!

While it does promise to help you loose weight fast – I was using it more as a cleanse and a jump start to healthier eating.

Currently two of my co-workers are on the Whole 30 Diet, and many others are making healthy choices as well, so I started feeling a little with  guilty as I shoved my face full of tacos at warp speed and so much pasta and rice that could feed a whole slew of marathon runners.

While I would never consider myself “old” my metabolism has definitely slowed down to a snails pace… and while I wouldn’t consider myself “fat” I could definitely tell you that I could be more toned… so here I am jumping in with two feet.

Day One – Only fruit.
So far, this day has been easier than I thought considering I’m not a fruit person. I actually tried to do this cleanse a few weeks ago, but didn’t plan well enough so I ended up with fruits I barely like (sorry melons) so I grew bored and tired very quickly and quit by dinner time.

I did have some coffee with a tiny bit of creamer today, but wanted to avoid the inevitable headache that would come without. So – I figure I’ll slowly wean myself off that too.


Lunch included heated apples in cinnamon and nutmeg, and some starfruit with crushed pepper on it.


For dinner I was dying for something more savory. So I scoured Pinterest with sadly no ideas. For some reason however the spice Curry and Cumin kept coming to mind… so I peeled and chopped up some apple, and sautéed with a tiny drizzle of olive oil, and a bit of cumin and curry, topped again with a tiny drizzle of sesame oil and some crushed red pepper!

Not even kidding…its delicious. I would definitely make this again with some chicken next time!

After dinner I was still a bit hungry so I made a smoothie with two oranges, strawberries, grapes, and a kiwi. It was so good, reminded me of a dreamsicle. I can’t wait to have this again on day three!

Later on in the evening by 8:30-9:00 p.m. I was dreaming of cookies, and crackers, and OMG – I was going to raid my pantry… but instead I went to bed and checked some Twitter!

Day Two – Veggie Day + a potato with butter?
Well let me tell you! Today was SIGNIFICANTLY more exciting than yesterday! Yesterday I felt like I had been eating candy ALL day long, so I was very happy and excited to switch over to veggies since I love nearly all of them.

I actually took no photos today – which is odd… but I’ll recap.

For Breakfast I had some spaghetti Squash that I had made the night before, and topped with a little seasoning (which is allowed). It was surprisingly filling, and delicious.

Lunch was some more spaghetti squash with Japanese stir fry vegetables, with the slightest sprittzle of sesame oil, and crushed red peppers. This too was actually quite good and left me feeling satisfied.

For dinner – we had tacos. I made my tacos with bib lettuce as the shell, and added on tomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapeños and La Victoria taco sauce. I looked on with sheer envy about the cheese. I realized out of all things taco… the cheese is my kryptonite.

After dinner I had my potato, and then made rutabaga fries. I’m feeling full tonight, and my crazy passion for raiding the pantry has left me.

Day Three – Veggies + Fruit (no potato)
Today went really really well! For breakfast I enjoyed some BLACK coffee and some grapes.

Lunch I had spaghetti squash and stir fried vegetables

Dinner I made up some pineapple cauliflower fried rice! It was absolutely amazing, and with some chicken & eggs I’d absolutely make that again and again!

I was so full that I didn’t even have an evening snack.

Day Four – Banana’s + Milk (I told you it sounded crazy)
I had been dreading this day since the inception of this crazy adventure. I mean… I like bananas… but ALL DAY? Common!

Strangely though, I felt rather satisfied! I had two bananas early in the day and 3 cups of milk. I was feeling pretty darn well.


Then I was sharing this crazy diet/cleanse with a co-worker and she let me know about one ingredient banana pancakes and ice cream, but I couldn’t find it online or on Pinterest. Everything  required eggs too. I was feeling annoyed and demoralized! This diet could not be healthy!!!

I finally gave in and straight up quit the craziness on the spot!

After contemplation I decided I would implement a paleo-esque, PFC approach to eating.

For dinner I had some quesadillas, but made with corn shells NOT drenched in canola oil. Yes. I had cheese… that’s why I call it paleo-esque!

Day Five – Chicken + Tomatoes

Breakfast:Had some grapes. I failed at adding any protien or fat on this go -round :(

Lunch: Had a “taco” salad. Lettuce, black beans (I know… not paleo), tomato, onion, jalapeno, and La Victoria taco sauce which IMHO is very good/healthy!

Dinner: For dinner I made banana pancakes and some chicken sausage! Oh my word to have some REAL PROTIEN!!!!!! To make the banana pancakes it takes one banana and two eggs.

I did find they were very difficult to “flip” but they did taste just like banana bread… so that was delicious!

Day Six – Chicken + Veggies

Breakfast: Very sadly missed breakfast as I had to work. Had plain black coffee.

Lunch: Quesadilla (same as day 4 dinner). YES I KNOW. Not a strict paleo. 🙂

Dinner: Tacos, pulled pork, serrano peppers, onions, and cilantro! YUM!

Day Seven – Miracle Soup 


In Summation

Firstly, did I loose the weight? Well… actually I have no idea… I did weigh myself mid-week and had lost 3lbs, but I believe that to be all water weight. I haven’t weighted myself since, and don’t plan to for a while. To me, it wasn’t about the weight. It was about feeling better.

Though in my mind I knew I could do it… I really couldn’t believe I didn’t eat any junk food (which had quite frankly probably gotten out of hand at work), any grains, or overly processed dairy  for four days(see ya soon Cheese). 

It taught me a lot about my actual needs, and what I crave, and when I crave it.

I’ve hardly had any heartburn, which I usually have quite regularly… so perhaps this has something to do with bread/pasta or something in a processed food, since I regularly drench  my food in crushed red pepper, and still have tomatoes with no effect.

Where from here you may ask? While I won’t lead it strictly (because… um hello Cheese… and hello corn shell tortillas, and hello wine….) I plan to go mostly Paleo/paleo-esque as I’d like to call it. As of February 8th, I’ve been creamer free in my coffee drinking only BLACK coffee…. and have enjoyed very little wheat products…  I mostly plan to eat meat, veggies & fruits with few grains or dairy…. We shall see how this goes, and I will check in from time to time. I’d really like to give it a go for the long haul to see what kind of long term results will ensue.

I don’t plan on ever repeating the original ‘diet/cleanse’. I think its absolute RUBBISH to avoid healthy fats and protiens for an entire week. I was basically getting all of my calories from SUGAR and that’s what broke me on day 4. The sheer insanity of it!

I couldn’t believe I had hardly any protein or fat for four days, and I really don’t believe in eliminating macro-nutrients from my diet.

I found that I can create really unique dishes or combinations I would have never thought of! One of my new favorites is Star fruit and hot cayenne pepper…. and apples lightly sauteed in EVOO with some curry and cumin! I’ll for sure make that again but with some chicken and onion!!! WOAH!

I will replace cauliflower rice for regular rice as I absolutely loved my tropical fried “rice” i had made, and will really read the labels on my sauces. If I have “pasta” I will try to use spaghetti squash or zoodles which are to die for by the way!!!

While I’m sure I’ll slip up from time to time, or indulge here and there, I plan to follow an 80/20 rule as much as possible. Eat this way 80% of the time, and if there is a meal or two, or snack that contains dairy, or wheat, or rotten ingredients  – so be it.

I’m still going to live life… but try through a healthier lens to eating!