Minnesota – Week 12

Quarterly Goals Review

Last NYE I set out to list some goals for all to see. So I’ve decided once per quarter I would grade myself and update everyone since I feel a bit accountable to you all! If you don’t remember my original post, or are late to the party, here it is… but for your sake, I’ve listed what I set out to do in 2014.

1.) If I say I’m going to pray for someone – doing it right away. A

So far this goal of mine is working like a charm! Of course I still slip up and forget to pray for people sometimes, but for the most part I quit whatever I’m doing if possible on the spot and pray for the situation/person immediately. Also for lent I’ve assigned forty people in my life for each day during lent, and have been praying for them. Today is for one of my friends in my small group.

2.) Get more organized A-

Not only am I now blogging on a more regular basis, I’ve officially gotten my E-Hoarding under control, and we’re making progress on our home organization as well. The Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom are pretty well organized. Just ahead of getting our new puppy we went through some major organizing, and got rid of a lot of stuff, put it in storage, or just downright threw it away. Being organized feels so good! My mom always raised us to be “neat freaks” and I’m finally catching on! You’re welcome mom!

3.) Keep fit/eat healthy B okay a C

Meh… I’d give myself a solid B or C in this department. It seems that I go almost bi-polar in this department. Sometimes I’m eating very “clean” lots of real food, and good choice carbs, and working out consistently, and other times I get home from work, and want to munch on some pretzles, eat a bunch of “carbage” (bad for you carbs) and have a glass (or two) of wine and workout shmerkout.

I did purchase some kettelbells however, and have started running again! So far I’m doing okay in the running department. I started ALL the way over (stay tuned for a future blog post about that) so I’m walking and running currently.

4.) Sleep Better D-

I almost gave myself a complete F, but there was that one week or two that I was doing fantastic. But for whatever reason I just can’t make myself go to bed before midnight. I’ve been this way ever since I was a young girl, or so my mother has told me. I absolutely HATE going to bed… maybe i feel like I might miss out on something I don’t know… but I do know I’d be much more refreshed if I just set a bedtime and stuck to it. I would be healthier too… but as I’m learning about myself, I am SUPER surprisingly somewhat of an introvert, and I desperately need time to myself to decompress before I go to bed. My time to myself is usually between 10pm- midnight… Which is why I usually write at night! :-).

5.) Make more memories A

This is going well! We took our first solo family trip to California last month, and we as a family had an amazing time. We couldn’t have asked for better behavior from our daughter, and we had a great time ourselves.  We are still playing game night, although not quite as often as when I was off for nearly two weeks over Christmas break! We will continue however. We have a few camping trips planned, and Disney in the next year or two.

6.) Slow down A

I used to be go-go-go every night of the week, but in 2013 I radically changed this after desperately needing nights to myself. This is when I first discovered I might actually have a somewhat introverted personality. I cannot stand going out more than I am at home. To me, there is nothing better than coming home from a day at work, cooking for my family, watching the shows that I love, or writting, reading, and then eventually going to bed.  I learned to be a “no” person, instead of the “yes” person I always used to be. Not to say that I said No to every opportunity, because I am currently taking on a lot of volunteering at my daughters school, but this meant sometimes saying no to friends, or myself when I already had 3 or 4 other things going on that week.  The payout has been amazing.  Just spending a night at home vegging out, or allowing myself the opportunity to just sit on the deck in the summer and share a glass of wine with the neighbors was so needed! Finally I felt like I could breathe, and recharge. I can’t wait to see this in action for ALL of 2014.

7.) Don’t be afraid to try new things B

I have tried a few new things. Any time that I’m at a pot-luck I try something I never would have tried in the past. I just tell myself to not be afraid… I’ve found i’ve actually really liked certain things. While I like change I am at times scared to try new things. I’ve turned down a few things, but i”m progressing.

8.) Kayak Rice Creek n/a

Okay have you seen our ridiculous winter? Obviously this goal is not applicable at the moment… but once the melt happens…. I’ve actually gone into outlook and booked out three weekends that I will attempt to go! So unless there is a major family emergency, or the weather is unfavorable I WILL be going one of those three weekends.


So that’s my goal review in a nutshell. I will update you again next quarter, and let you know how I’m progressing. Thanks always for reading! Stay tuned for a new post on Running + , and my quest to start running again!

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