Moms on the Run!

Well tonight was my first meeting with Moms on the Run, and boy was it COLD out there! We all survived though with hats, mittens,multiple layers and first day energy! We did 1:3 x 7 which means one minute running,and 3 minutes walking seven times.  All the ladies did GREAT!

After MOTR I went home for some homemade chicken lasagna which was super yummy and then I headed back to the gym for a little GT (Gym Tanning). I faked baked for 15 minutes, which was a tad too long, because I am now a certified lobster, but I’m hopeful it’l turn into nice tan soon! Then I hit up the treadmill for a fast 2 mile run. I went up to 7.5 mph again which felt great! But ran most of the time at 6.5 or so.

Well I’m off to DVR the Royal Wedding so I don’t forget! (Yup… I’m going to hop on that bandwagon!)


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