Well again.

Well I think that we’re all well again. Around the begining of January, Kirra and I came down with a nasty cold, however her’s unfortunately turned into pnemonia. So she had to be on the nebulizer, and antibiotics, but she is as good as new again. Jason is enjoying being a stay at home dad, and Kirra is on a good sleeping schedule. She sleeps from 10pm until 6:30am, pretty much every night, so it’s very helpful for us to get that good 8 hour sleep!

I am meeting up with other new moms in my area. I met this group of mom’s through my hospital in Coon Rapids. It’s nice to get together with people who have stuff in common with you, and who are at the same point in their lives.

I can’t wait until the spring, when me and Kirra can go on walks outside, and go to the zoo. Well, we still have a few months before that! Going back to work is hard every morning, but once I am at work it’s not too bad. Of course I miss everyone, but it’s helpful to have pictures up, and on my desktop/screensaver etc.

Until Next time!

Be Well.

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