Jesse Tree ~ Day 25

Day 25: Light of the Whole World
Luke 2

Merry Christmas to you – and yours! Thank you so much for tuning in and joining me over these past twenty-five days! I’ve never blogged so consistently before! It certainly was a task, but it was also so much fun looking for videos that tied into the daily scripture.

Thank you for allowing me to completely turn this into a Kid-Friendly series that you could share with your own families. I think that was the point anyways.

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, and his name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah 9:6 ESV

Have a wonderful and blessed Merry Little Christmas!


Jesse Tree ~ Day 24

Merry Christmas Eve!
Day 24: Mary; The Miraculous Conception
Luke 1:26-38

Today is my absolute FAVORITE day of the entire year. Yes – tomorrow is Christmas, but there something pure and Holy about today!

God sent the angel Gabriel to tell Mary that she was going to have a
baby even though Mary was not married yet. The baby was going to be God’s son, Jesus. God, thank you for Jesus’s special birth. He was not born in Adam’s sin like all other men. He was the perfect lamb.

A little bonus – this is hands down my FAVORITE song! I’ve been listening to this on repeat this week, and usually post this on Facebook each year around this time. I have a more thorough blog post for adults here.

Jesse Tree ~ Day 23

Day 23: John the Baptist; Baptism with Water
Luke 1:57-80, 3:15-18

The first prophet in more than 400 years! In fact he is the son of Zachariah and Elizabeth whom we learned about yesterday. John preached to walk away from the bad choices we make in our life, and turn towards God.

He wasn’t the messiah, but he paved the way for the true Messiah!

Action item: What would you tell people about Jesus if you had the chance?

Jesse Tree ~ Day 20

Day 20: Habakkuk; Be On Watch
Habakkuk 2:1

Though this video is definitely more geared towards adults, I was completely enthralled when first looking for videos on Habakkuk. This sounds an awful lot like the United States of America right now.

Father, thank you for keeping your promises. Thank you for loving this world more than we do and promising to deal with injustices.

Jesse Tree ~ Day 19

Day 19: Daniel; God Our Protector
Daniel 6

Honesty time. I can’t say that I would be as brave as Daniel. Though he certainly sets the example, I find it difficult to stand up for what I believe in – in the face of danger or ridicule.

God, help me to trust in you always, and not worry about what other people think. It is you that I aim to please, not man.