Jesse Tree ~ Day 14

Day 14: Samuel; A King Anointed
Samuel 16

God, thank you for having a plan for my life, just like you had a plan for Samuel and for David.

Looks can be deceiving. Nobody was expecting David, the son of Jesse to be chosen as king – especially when there were visually much better choices like Eliab. God himself says, “Looks aren’t everything. Don’t be impressed with his looks and stature. I’ve already eliminated him. God judges persons differently than humans do. Men and women look at the face; God looks into the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7.

I think this passage is so important today for our kiddos to hear. My daughter is 9 years old and already there is a barrage of mixed messages from shows she watches on TV, to girls at her school, and advertisements about how she should dress, what is cool, and what is not. Humans judge the face- when God looks into the heart.

Further – it seemed obvious that Eliab, or Abinadab would be the right choices… so much so that David was off tending to the sheep. Jesse didn’t even consider him, yet God did.

Father, help us to see beyond what is obvious to humans, and lean into Your wisdom which is so much deeper than our own. Amen.


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