An indoor evening!

Today…turned out to be an indoor day. With heavy rain storms,and tornado warnings, playing outside wasn’t really happening this evening! Kirra turned to surfing on Tyler’s food storage lid…. washing the dishes, and entertaining herself with toilet paper!

This is her “Skateboard”
Posing for the camera!
Dishes ~ Round 2
 Singing….”Let the walls of Jericho fall”…



Working on her small motor skills



Kirra’s Sculpture project tonight…. 🙂

I made us Ranch Dressing Chicken coated in cracker crumbs and pesto zucchini. It was all ridiculously delicious  Kirra tells me though that the Zucchini is not very yummy….so I say… what are you talking about? Its delicious,and kirra says to me…”mama…its delicious for you…but not for me…..”

I’m now listening to her avidly protest going to bed… These are the tough nights…. when she cries so hard she wants to puke…. the nights where I really want to say…its ok… lets watch The Little Mermaid in my room and make her feel better! (But I know better, so we’re crying it out)


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